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 Posted: Mar 26th, 2011 11:56 AM
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What pure, unadulterated crap this video is.  At one point, as the word "Antichrist" is on the screen, pictures of Hillary Clinton and President Obama are shown, suggesting that one or the other might be (gasp!) the Antichrist.  Pathetic.  But the video is accompanied by dramatic music, so it must be true!  Funny how throughout history the title of "Antichrist" has passed from one contemporary political figure to another: Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, a number of the Popes, Saddam Hussein, to name just a few--all were a "sure bet" to be the Antichrist.  As for wars, rumors of wars, disease, famine, earthquakes, etc., all of these things have been around throughout mankind's history, and always will be.    Are all these things increasing at an alarming rate?  If someone were to have consulted the doomsayers of 100 years ago, or even several hundred years ago, they would have assured you that not only were such calamities increasing, but that the end of all things was just around the corner.  And yet the world kept on ticking-- just as it will when 2012 comes and goes.  The Mayan prophecies?  They will be added to the garbage heap of history's prophecies where they belong.