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 Posted: Mar 21st, 2011 05:05 AM
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Hello again,

Sounds like you guys are ready to expand your experimentation.

If that’s the case,  let us visit our Israeli friends.

The following link is to the home of the Israel Group of Paranormal Investigators:

Click Projects from the left side menu or click the link below:

You will see that they have tried a couple of three designs including the Raudive diode circuit.

In the Raudive project page you will notice that they plugged the circuit directly into what looks like a Behringer 802 mixer which gives them a measure of controlling things like gain, EQ and volume output.  They even credit Keith and this forum for the initial circuit.

You will also see they tried an IR circuit.  Clockdryve might find that circuit intresting.

However boys and girls…………..the main purpose of this post is to draw your attention to project #3:   Diode Detector for EVP Recording

This circuit is pretty simple.  They even provide a couple of examples for you to listen to.  Remember to turn the volume down before clicking the play button.

Their Contact page contains several options in the event you desire further inquiry.

Mazel tov,