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 Posted: Mar 19th, 2011 03:12 AM
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Many years ago, when I first started doing EVP work, I was asking the standard questions, what is your name, how long have you been here, things of that nature.  Once I felt confidant enough to go more indepth in questioning, I started to think of better questions, trying to get proper information as how it was possible to hear all of these different people in different places.  I initially started recording for EVP in my home, but soon I was experimenting by recording in everyday places such as stores, schools, libraries, buses, hospitals, even in an airplane restroom.  I recorded at private homes where there had been zero activity to indicate there were any spirits present.  I recorded several times out in the streets, and a couple of times in the middle of a field.

  Sometimes I would prepare ahead of time, telling 'folks' I was going to record, other times I would just record without any warning, I would just simply turn on the recorder at different intervals, keeping it to no more than 3 minutes at a time.

I was surprised to hear people talking away, without any prompting from me, basically me coming in on an already ongoing conversation.

After a time, based on my observations, it was clear that these 'folks' were everywhere, not just in purported 'haunted' locales.

I did an EVP session, where I asked specifically just how many people were out there.  The answer I got was a bit of a wake up for me, a gentleman replied ever so matter of factly, "There are millions of us out there".  Putting that into perspective was indeed a sobering feeling.  Millions of them.........people die everyday, so of course that possibility is very real.  And exactly why they are still around is a question that there is no definitive answer to.  There seems to be a code of silence in regards to certain questions that we ask, and exactly what they are at liberty to tell us seems at times confusing.

I heard the recording, and it is very clear, no question about that.  And may I ask why this particular closet?  I know for myself, that certain locations thru out my house seems to have more folks residing there than other parts.  My downstairs bathroom can get out right crowded at times, as some have expressed distress at being together with so many people in such a confined space.

Great recording!  Do you plan to do more using this closet again?  It might prove to be a consistently good location to talk with people at.