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 Posted: Mar 18th, 2011 08:23 PM
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mikesndbs wrote: Wow, such a lot of work Jim thanks.


I still find it hard to hear and I feel strongly that a better method is out there.

As to the antennas, I feel they need to be more than what they are.

Some kind of coil is needed, something that resembles a mic head but not LOL

Look for example here:

and here:


I feel very much that a loop is the way to go and I shall be looking at this soon.

Of course, what we must do is take away our 'radio' knowledge as I don't think it counts for much here.

What we need to do is be guided by our own intuition or that of spirit if anyone can help with that.


I'll be posting the results of my earthed test a wee bit later.


for some reason I didn't notice those link to pictures...

Is the first link of what they call the "Tesla Spooky Radio"??