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 Posted: Mar 12th, 2011 07:33 PM
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drrh wrote: Well Mulder would believe you and Scully wouldn't.  She was always the sceptic wasn't she?   I was wondering, do you ever ask for anybody when doing the water pictures? 


Looking back on those old X-Files episodes (I've been watching them again on dvd) I'm surprised at just how stubborn Scully was in regard to her scepticism.  Particularly in the early episodes, it seems that no matter how many paranormal events she witnessed firsthand, Scully always clung to her unbelief.  Of course, I'm one to talk....

As for asking for anybody when I do water pictures, the only individuals I've ever called out to are my friends Billie and Louie.  As I recall, on a couple of occasions I may have announced out loud what I was going to do, but other than that I usually remain silent.  Most of the images I've obtained have come after I've said nothing at all.