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 Posted: Feb 27th, 2011 08:33 PM
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Keith Clark

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I will disagree with the above comment and state that I see no maliciousness in the use of an emoticon in this thread, as seen in the instance above. While it is true that replying with only an emoticon does not convey much personal communication, a smiley face is generally accepted as a positive response.


A person's avatar (small picture) is just something that they show to express who they are. It could be happy, sad, crazy, or convey a myriad of different emotions. It should not be read into more than that. For example, if you saw my facebook pictures/avatars that I post sometimes, you would have many questions for me, and think me to be one of many possibilities, to include strange, extroverted, bisexual, unevolved, unemployed, or any thing else that comes to mind. You may or may not be wrong, but guessing or implying will do no good. I think my point is understood.