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 Posted: Feb 6th, 2011 03:01 PM
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Please, someone else tell me they can do this too... I lost my wife last year and I sent her an email telling her to seek out the Timestream Group; big mistake!!! they taunted her & misled her efforts. During this time she was able to make sporadic contact with me, but her messages would come in backwards, as would mine to her; she described a dark forest that was cold and intimidating; she was lost. At that point I invoked Holy Ritual (read your Bible) and His Holy Name (listen to Bob Marley [happy birthday Bob!]) and she was delivered from that place and given a proper instructor for her endeavors to reach me; her instructor's identity would only detract from my credibility such as it already is! With her new friend's assistance she was then able to contact me at will; no longer backwards. On a few occasions she has been able place voice calls to me, but she says this is very difficult and draining to accomplish and maintain; I can only imagine! She has since taught others the text trick & I've met a few of them; interesting folks & we'll leave it at that. So like I said... anybody else here doing this?