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 Posted: Feb 2nd, 2011 05:35 PM
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I posted this recording last summer on the atransc site, so some of you may already be familar with it. 

I made this recording early last summer, in the upstairs hallway just outside my bedroom.  Owing to the old wooden floors, the hallway has pretty good acoustical properties.  A couple of days before this recording took place, I had recorded myself walking across the old floorboards.  When I played that recording back, it sounded as though the squeaking sound made by my shoes had been transformed into a spoken voice (I'll post that recording as soon as I find it again!).  Two days later, as I was reading in bed, I suddenly got the idea of trying the same method again.  I grabbed my recorder, and stepped out into the hall.  Now, I have to tell you that you will not hear my voice on the recording.  But I can tell you that as I picked up my recorder, I said out loud to myself, "I think I'll give the creaking floor another shot and see what happens" (or words pretty close to that).  I stepped into the hallway and turned on the recorder.  When I played it back, the recording revealed a male voice saying, "Walk the plank!"  There is a slight pause, and then something else seems to be said, perhaps the word "down", or "now".  I think this recording is significant, because the phrase "walk the plank" seems to indicate an awareness of my intention to walk across the wooden floorboards in the hope of capturing an evp.  Well, hope you enjoy the recording.  Thanks for listening, and let me know what you think.

I should probably warn you that for my recordings I've been using a cheap RCA model that has seen its better days: there is a considerable amount of buzzing that is hard to ignore.  Also, this is the raw sound file, with no editing.

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