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 Posted: Jan 19th, 2011 12:11 PM
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If we consider the 20 sessions you mentioned as the rough basis for distinction between a newbie and a "pro", then I must admint I'm a bigger noob, than you could actually be.
I think mine won't add up to 20, perhaps because i did the sessions outdoor. In the early days i watched some explanatory videos on youtube regarding evp and a guy called Tommy Golden (jee, I remember his name after 3 years!) advised against doing it at you own home. Now don't get worried 'cause I couldn't get a single whisper out of your file. All I could hear some low beats repeating at every second. Was that your clock? Or was the whole sound generated as white noise? Putting aside the beats it sounds very clean.
I opened it in Wavepad and applied only a spectral subtraction filter, which i guess you would do also to hear if there's anything special in it, but to my experience there's none. And also I wouldn't put too much filters (especially automated ones) and listenings into a particular wave-file.

Well, that's it.