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 Posted: Dec 9th, 2010 03:59 AM
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In the last one I hear:

||female voice||
"Orick coke* their bone(s) and an old"
||higher pitch, same voice||
"beginner's ((?)) calf*"
||male voice||
"step on the night"
||male voice but in a different language - decyphered||
"gognit profeso time" (german accent)

Dave, these are unmistakably human voices. How do you get them? Perhaps there would be more common agreement in their interpretation if you posted the raw samples. There are a few in which I hear an echoish effect that I recognize as the artifact of a Hiss-filter (?). Also in the last one the consonant's are softened that could be due to the filter and the mp3 compression.

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