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 Posted: Nov 29th, 2010 07:57 AM
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Hello All

              During a recent recording session I asked the question "are there any such thing as ghosts or spirits". I was using a DS-30 by Olympus that was located in the adjoining room that recorded the response. I also had going in the same room that the sesson was going on a DS-40 to which the response was not captured on. It was very windy that evening and you will hear both gusts and a old clock ticking. After the first question and just before the second question I hear a faint response and most defintly after the second question I hear a "no" from a Female voice.. I will post the unenhanced file then post the amped file.


Regards, Dan

Attachment: DS30.0037_are_there_such_things_as_ghosts_11_26_10_uneh..mp3 (Downloaded 376 times)

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