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 Posted: Nov 24th, 2010 08:25 PM
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  Hi Debbie,

You can download a program called VLC. It is an Audio player (and many other things including video), but I would JUST allow it to associate to certain audio files ONLY myself.....but it has a setting where you can "increase" the volume output by 200% (double the volume) so that should help very much :) It also has a "loop" feature where you can set a start-return setting so that you can listen to the LOOP of your audio (helpful in hearing those weak voices sometimes). Here's a link to the website.... that is from the actual makers of the software (no spyware). You will just need to look around in the settings "TOOLS/PREFERENCES....AUDIO to set  your volume to 200% And in VIEW/CUSTOMIZE INTERFACE If you want to adjust the widgets used with the player....this is where you get the LOOP feature if not already on the choices of main player popup. It has been awhile since I made adjustments so I can't remember if original default has this LOOP button enabled yet...but at "customize interface" location it allows such personalization. I can help you with some of the settings if you have problems. all software that you install, it will want to be the SOLE player of all things it can attach to. So just be sure and only allow it to "associate" with .WAV files for the time being.  That should be the type of files you are saving you EVP's to anyway (wav is a higher recording standard than some) And .WAV is available on all PC's for playback. *If you save EVP's to some other form---just be sure and click it on the list at INSTALL of the software. It will just take a short while to understand what this player can do. Isn't to overwhelming :) Can always remove it later....but this DOUBLE audio out (and loop on the go) is very helpful. Happy SAFE Hunting.

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