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 Posted: Nov 14th, 2010 05:39 PM
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Hello All,

               After I ask the question _"have you died"_, there is a short pause and the a click kind of response which is a very rough reply saying "yes_sir" and then just following another response which is much clearer but fainter saying the same thing "yes_sir_".

Can this be attributed to an effort by the spirit just breaking through during the first answer explaining the roughness sound and then coming through much clearer after the break through ?, My opinion does lean in that direction.

This was taken with an Olympus DS-30 with medium microphone setting, and LP as mode.

I will recommend headphones for listening, as it is rather faint.

Please participate in the above poll, Thank You.

Best Regards, Dan

Attachment: DS300035_have_you_died_11_11_10_amp.mp3 (Downloaded 511 times)

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