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 Posted: Nov 5th, 2010 10:41 PM
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Hi,I was cleaning out my closet ,getting rid of things I no longer wear.I looked up on the top Shelve where I keep my VCR tapes

That no ones uses anymore.

I had them stacked very nicly.

The one side of tapes fit tight toghter,and you can see where two were pulled up from the rest.

They been up their for years and they never fell over like that.

Im the only one who uses that Closet.

Like I said I got a Evp that sounded to me as if he said.

 Linda Graye has a man in her Closet.

They call me by full name are my first and middle name,my spirit friends here.

So I know when they are talking to me and not another Linda.

Will post evp here because it goes with the pictuer I think.

Attachment: Linda Gray has a man in her closet (2).mp3 (Downloaded 784 times)

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