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 Posted: Apr 13th, 2007 02:34 PM
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Hi Dr Lewis and Vicki
I think the discussion has to be divided into 2 questions:

a)      Are the Silver Cord materializations genuine?
And if so:
b)       Is it in fact Harry Houdini that came through, or an impostor?
To question whether or not it was HH, does not have to call into question the validity of the materializations.  It is possible, I have heard, for spirits to impersonate.
I personally feel that the answer to a) is yes, after hearing many of the recordings and reading testimony by Victor Zammit and others.
The answer to b) I am not so sure of, because of the accent, which even sounded Australian at times to me.  However, it could be Houdini, and if it’s not, it doesn’t mean that the Silver Cord materializations are not real.  I think it’s important that we don’t simplify the discussion into “is it or isn’t it a fraud”.

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