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 Posted: Apr 13th, 2007 02:20 PM
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Hi Frank,
I'll feel confident that it says "You'll see" - but this is just one opinion.

This is quite interesting, because earlier this week, I think Tuesday night, I also had something strange on my answering machine, for the first time (I also might have had something a few years ago but never recorded it).  Preceding a message for my wife from her doctor’s office is a weird click sound that also sounds a bit like a male voice.  Then there is a female voice saying three syllables, perhaps “you feel hot”.  The only reason I can think of for that particular message is that around the time it was left, I was at work where the air isn’t working, and I was sweating like a pig and thinking of emailing someone to complain.
I can’t say for sure that this is paranormal, but the click sound and the speed of the voice are very much consistent with the usual stuff we get.
I’ve attached the message, plus a crop of the female voice.
What night did you get this?  I will have to check my files at home to see when I got mine.  It’s pretty interesting that we got something within the same few days, both for the first time.  I was just preparing a blog post about it last night. John

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