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 Posted: Nov 1st, 2010 06:27 PM
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Hi again,

Another offshoot  / parallel to this concept is the work of Andy Coppock and his use of an inductive pickup unit to receive paranormal voices. The unit he uses is a Tempo 200EP inductive probe.

Actually the name is misleading, as its really an electrostatic proble. It has a short probe antenna feeding a bootstrapped FET follower, and that feeds an audio power amp to the speaker. So in essence, its an audio emf electrostatic pickup proble. I have one of these units and have traced the circuit, which has been posted by another researcher at the link below.

He (Coppock) does a special modification to his probe to make it "sensitive". The power amp in the unit isnt configured to operate at max gain, so I modified my unit to do so. Stepping it up to max gain certainly makes it SUPER sensitive to environmental hum fields.

He uses it on investigations - the Queen Mary ship was one. His unit picks up hum fields and voices, but the crucial difference is that the voices he gets arent like Keith's samples posted that have the characteristic (expected) spectral modulation of received ambient emfs.