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 Posted: Nov 1st, 2010 04:53 PM
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Great topic. I remember listening to an old cassette recording produced by Raymond Cass, a prominent evp researcher in the UK in the 70's. In it, he played some of his recordings, obtained over the radio and commented on them. A particular comment of his I thought was very interesting at the time, was he thought his good success was due to the high flux levels in the near vicinity of his (work) recording location, due to a mass x-ray facility very close to his building. I think he subsquently mentioned that in moving away to a quieter (emf wise) location, his evp results were not nearly as good.

Perhaps environmental emf flux levels of (changing) high intensity provide a catalytic force for the formation of evp. The power line leakage / arcing, etc, and the transient HV flux activity from the x-ray facility seem to have a common element.

Has someone built the mentioned relay noise generator yet?

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