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 Posted: Oct 24th, 2010 07:04 AM
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Vicki Talbott wrote: Good one Dave, and good to see you posting here. I hear it as you do with a little bit of trouble with the 'transgate' part, but of course that could be because I can't wrap my head around it. thanks for sharing this one. I am always excited by your methods and results. Vicki

Thanks Vicki & Debbie for the feedback. It's good to be posting again here. I get messages that mention "gate" or "gate keeper", that was the first time I had heard "trans-gate". 

The other night I watched a show about 9/11, it was called "Conspiracy Theory". The show was disturbing to me. A few hours later I recorded this message.

"Other people murdered, I'm done with the big apple"

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