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 Posted: Oct 12th, 2010 07:53 AM
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Slider2732 wrote: Sorry to hear about Lori.
Did you perhaps keep that message from the phone ?
It's possible that someone else called and left the message...whatever chance rate that might work out to, but really, it could well have been her. Wonder why your phone and not Stephanie's, presuming too that Lori had your number to call.

I did keep the message!  And the funny thing was, it was her voice.  Absolutely no doubt in my mind.  I played it for my husband and I said Who's this?  He listened and said That's Lori!  And she did have my number too.  I think she tried to call Stephanie but Steph kept erasing it or ignoring it figuring it was static or something.  But when Lori called me, it was her voice.  I also sent the message to another one of their friends and he said it was her voice too.  I got one not too long ago from her but I didn't keep that one. Here it is if you would like to hear it.  It's quick, but it's her.


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