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 Posted: Oct 11th, 2010 11:17 AM
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Slider2732 wrote: Hi Slider !
This must be the place for people with the same name :biggrin:

A mention about phone conversations. It seems that quite soon after the death of someone, a family member might receive a phone call from the deceased. Such conversations usually last quite a few seconds or even minutes.
It would seem that the voice quality is worse than normal, with some hiss in the background, but that the spirit can still be heard quite well. The person receiving the call normally has no idea the other person is dead and only realises later that the phone call can't have been made by normal means.

I just wanted to mention a similar thing that happened to me.  My daughter's best friend Lori was in a car accident and broke her neck (Oh God!) and was on life support for a week.  In my opinion the surgeon talked the family into taking her off of life support too soon so they could harvest her organs.  But that's just my opinion. Anyway I've known this girl all of her life. Her family lives across the street and our kids played together.  My daughter is Stephanie.  Not long after Lori passed I got a voice mail on my phone that said 'Hey Steph"!   I told Stephanie and she got all wigged out and wouldn't listen to it.  She said some things had been happening around her apartment but she was ignoring it because it scared her.  So I guess that's why Lori called me because she knew I wouldn't get wigged out.  I never told her family though.  I didn't know what kind of reaction I would get.  But I thought it was very cool to hear from her!


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