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 Posted: Oct 8th, 2010 10:27 AM
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Okay.......I finally was able to sit down and decipher the audio from this clip.  There definitely was a quite a bit of conversation going on.  I think it was three males and one female speaking.  It was layered, some speaking over the other, and at times they used each others speech to speak what they wanted to say.  This was NOT radio interference in any way shape or form.  A very interesting clip!

Here goes.....this is what I heard:

Did you see her? F

looks like it's raining M

I think so F

How'd you see them taking it? M

If their just standing there? M

It's a nice little home M

move the shelves/shells

All that at the beginnng thru history F

even at that head stone F

Moved it down M2

The steep hill/Steve Hill M2

Was the management M3

Isn't he all sorry? M3

His sister M

If you sing, look for Mandy M3

take his picture F  **said same time, overlapping each other

Said her name was Shazera M2

**Bumping sound**

won't hurt you M2

you have to move the stool/school zM2

He's shining it up M3

I'll even use the singing F

I'll even use the singing F

The guy behind you's shining M2

Do it with the singing F (very faint)

Someone else's burning FF

Their all singing M2 ** said to sounds of movement**

It's a lot of singing M2 **also said to sounds of movement**

I need you stay here F

I heard her speak F

she spoke M2


Well, that's what I heard in this clip.  There sure was a lot of talking going on, and I do not think it is possible that it was random radio waves or anything like that, based on what was being said.  Let me know what you think about this, please?

Thanks! Lisa