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 Posted: Oct 6th, 2010 11:54 AM
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Thanks for telling me that as I've never known anyone else that got voices from their computer.  I've heard stories before of telephone incidents.  When my sister transitioned (she raised her granddaughter from birth), my nieces cellphone started to say "hello" when it was just sitting around.  Ashley called the manufacturer to see if they felt something was wrong with the phone (although she really believed it was my sister), and they said it shouldn't do that and they would send her a new one.  She got the new one and it started doing the same thing except this time it would say "I love you".  This was heard by both her dad and his girlfriend.  At the same time, my cellphone started doing things it shouldn't so I believe that is her way of contacting us.  I truly believe my computer and printer are devices my daughter uses, and my son and grandson use my T.V. and a digital clock to interact.  I have tons of videos to show the world that it isn't my imagination, plus I have had several people here at the house to actually see things happen, like the keyboard typing by itself, or the printer printing out test sheets by itself, and on and on.  When spirit turns the computer on, it bypasses the login screen and goes directly to the desktop or wherever it wants to go (usually while I'm watching TV and no where near it), but when I turn on my computer, I have a login page come up first.  I'm attaching a picture of who I believe is my son.  He transitioned as a baby, but in the picture he looks just like my daughter.  I had to go through 20+ surgeries due to cancer so I always took pics to see if my children were with me.  This pic was taken the night before a major surgery and a female friend drove with me to Ann Arbor and we had to stay at a motel because the surgery was schedules to early in the morning.  The program my friend was watching was "The Unit", which is not a paranormal show. There was no one else in the room but my female friend and me, and it isn't a double exposure because it was taken with a digital and the memory card was cleaned the night before. One night I was laying in bed and talking to my son and telling him how I would love to hear his voice, and got an EVP where a male said "hello", really clear.  In the picture it looks like he has wrinkles in his forehead but if you have a desktop magnifier you can see that it is energy streaks so he was either just manifesting or dissipating.  I am so full of stories, all of which have been put on video of actual events, or witnessed by others.  I just love this entire subject.

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