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 Posted: Oct 6th, 2010 11:30 AM
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This happened on 7/4 so I don't think it had anything to do with halloween.  I have all pop ups blocked, and am a fanatic on de-fragmenting and cleaning out files on the computer and have Norton to block things. 

I absolutely love all the activity I get in this house and have absolutely no fear of the spiritual realm, in fact I can honestly say I am more at home with the spiritual realm then I am of the physical realm, but that is because I was brought up in a home from childhood that believed in spirit visitation.  I get a lot of responses on my K-2, tremendous spikes on a Guass Master and another piece of equipment, and wonderful pics.  I am always experimenting with all the equipment I have.  I've included one pic that got me started in asking "how", which has been almost a five year research. 

Shortly after my daughter transitioned, I took a series of pictures which you will see in the pic I attached.  I turned them into a slideshow because I am so convinced that the pic shows the spirit of my daughter, son, and grandson.   A few months later, one of the pics converted one frame into a video of live energy emanating from the exact spot Rob transitioned from, and a few months later, added a song to it.  The song I had never heard before but the words were meant for me from my daughter.  I did not do anything to make these things happen (and actually still would not be able to duplicate it because I don't know how) and actually sent the video to a couple investigators who believe that spirit used the first pics as a catalyst to create the energy in the one frame.   Amazing.

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