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 Posted: Aug 24th, 2010 10:24 PM
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Linda35950 wrote: Hello neokortex_simulacrum and Vicky.
I was so so sleepie and it was late and I was trying to get done with what I was doing.

I kept seeing it move,part of me was thinking Oh thats just great their going to do something to me.
Their real close and they are not stopping.

I got up after it kept happening and got it on tape.

Their was some backround voices I am not sure what it was.
I did not think the Tv was on,but was not 100 percent sure.

So I never messed with trying to hear it till now.

I pulled these few words off the clip.

Its after I say I just saw you move it

Think it says can you move them David are when you moving David.

What are you hearing here.


What I hear:

The surface voice is a mid - lower pitch that says;  "I was born to rock and roll"

The mirror image is multi-voice of both male / female

Take Care,