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 Posted: Apr 9th, 2007 12:42 AM
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Dr Lewis


Hi folks,

Some time since I wrote here, but the Houdini contact leaves me with a number of questions. His accent is very much Southern USA, when I believe he came from New York State ?..I know this has been raised, but it may be an important point, and perhaps you folks from the USA could comment for this Brit !!.
 I would like to see Houdini deal with the question of the code, and indeed provide us with some more solid evidence. He says he will do this, so I hope so.

I make such comments as one who has investigated this topic for many years, but while at times skeptical I do not consider myself the 'closed type'!!!. The problem is that such marvelous phenomena needs to produce marvelous evidence. Some time ago Victor and the group talked about comparing the spirit voice recordings in the circle with those of the people when on earth (where possible ) to aid verification of the personality. This has gone very quiet, but at the same time the manufacture of an ectoplasmic voice box would I think not match the characteristics of the living one in any case. Another point I have raised, and indeed I think Houdini does in his latest communication is the problem of female communicators. You may notice they are almost non why should this be ?. I feel a number of questions need sorting, as the potentiality of these contacts and phenomena experienced is so great it needs to be fully scrutinised.

Materialisation mediums do not grow on trees, and you can rest assures we need a watertight case, as hardened skeptics will look for every loophole. Hope these comments help..your views would be appreciated.

All the very best to you all

Dr Malcolm Lewis