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 Posted: Aug 16th, 2010 09:32 PM
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I couldn't edit usimg my phone and my laptop is packed away for a week at the lake. But I was wanting to say that the little girl says her name as I wrote out "Mi..cheeeele". That I wanted to clear up the wording...she says the area of the many "e" as a short letter sound, but that this area was "stressed" in her saying of the word. (long drawed out wording). I'm going to Clear Lake (friend has a family house on the lake), Hopefully I can get to the area where Buddy Holly's plane crashed and try for a few EVP's. **cool** I was able to use my Opera Browser on my cell phone to edit (Holly's last name I spelled wrong). If you use a cell phone (have the web service plan also) the Opera Browser and try it out. I've used it for years. But use my normal browser quite a bit.

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