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 Posted: Jul 19th, 2010 09:31 PM
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My computer (laptop) Dell Lattitude D430 has a popup tick for "line in" status option anytime something is plugged into the microphone slot. That way I can upload my DR60 and other analog-in digital recorders (and tape recorders) through my sound card. This popup gives me an option to connect as LINE or MICROPHONE. I use XP Pro SP3 so don't know what the Vista or 7 has for option.--Long Live Windows XP!!! I have wore out my headphone plug in my Card though. I have only One side that works, must keep pin half out. If it would have been the other pin I could have used a mono adapter with no problem because I only use for mono EVP. So a buddy of mine was able to find a "cheap" usb type dongle that accepts microphone or headphone in the same 1/8" plug. I just use it for headphone though. Still have use of sound card microphone connection. This dongle still uses your sound card hardware...just a little rerouting. I tried to edit the above post. Not so easy while dabbing around on a celly...doesn't show that button to send the reply.