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 Posted: Jul 4th, 2010 12:03 AM
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:closedeyes:Hi Mike,

I just found this site.  I came across it because I was looking for information on hearing my computer making voices.  I just discovered I am most likely an Empath, on the test scored 100% on all types.  I came across another story about someone feeling ill in their home and did not EVPs there.  Well I am sure it is possible that you did pick up on voices especially visiting a medium. If they are one, I am sure your recording did indeed pick up voices.  I myself started EVP by accident.  I was getting so tired, and gave up smoking and was waiting for a big surge of energy.  Well after three sleep studies and two different approaches of how to treat, which of neither made me feel any better.  I did not go into deep sleep.  It puzzled the techs thinking maybe depression. 

Well before I had my sleep study, I wante to see if I had sleep apnea or snored.  That night I had a weird dream.  Some people were in my living room and one lady dressed in a dress not of this time.  Well I got bad vibes from her, and the next thing I dream she is choking me.  I gasp for air, wondering how can someone choke me in my dream.  Well I did awaken.  I played back the recorder.  At first I heard a single male voice with southern like accent talking very clearly about the relationship is over and they have done all they could to help it.  So he said to leave I heard some clatter of feet then a door open and close.  I first thought this must of been on the recorder from someone fooling around and saying a line like trying out for a part.  I did not fool with the recorder, not good with directions with no tape it is digital.  So I play back the second sounds heard.  Now this night I was alone husband went fishing so it would be quiet and I slept on the couch.  In this recording I had you could hear me gasping for air while asleep, yes I snore.  I then hear the same man's voice say loudly "What are you trying to kill me".  Then I heard some scuffling more far away say in my kitchen area.  A voice in the background was picked up yelling GET OUT, this voice sounded familar though to me.  Other sounds like squeeking of a swing.  Some soft yelling of a child also.  Many different sounds were picked up.  So it confused me so.  I dreamt the dream and picked up like the man was talking like he was me, I am a female.  So for trying to hear of snoring I got a lot more than I bargained for.  I have done a few more on different recorders and pick up voices also.  A voice was heard of a woman like she was coming up my stairs to living room, where my husband stood in long johns a winter night.  She said, "Watch your way"  Her voice seemed to be of another time earlier.  My husband heard and thought I bought a television for the bedroom.  Of course he is still skeptic, and half remembers now, but his head turned and was puzzled.  I have always been a very sensitive person and am the one everyone calls to help with their problems.  I know my grandmother read tea leaves.  They had a Quiji board also a big one.  My dad on numerous occassions told me to never go to get my cards read it is against my religion.  Even when I was pregnant with my first daughter, I was almost 8 months my uncle died.  My mother encouraged me not to go, because of being pregnant did not want me to get upset.  I now even remember things hidden from me when someone was ill as not to upset me.  Of course when I found out I visited my relation.  Now I am like a walking recorder.  I do realize I am an empath at my age.  I pick up on so many emotions and can get ill.  One friend calls me with her problems and before I can express mine, she has got to go.  She feels better, I get more and more drained.  So I started to research and found this site.  I read a typed letter of Keith's I think and I could see figures of people in the paper.  At first stick figuires, then a little more formed not one buy many.  Then I had to block out I heard my computer sounding like it was speaking as a EVP would pick up.l  So now I have to really do something to help myself.  Some times I feel like my head will explode.  I was getting concerned if any entities at night when you sleep can drain you, like I feel in the morning.  A walking zombie.  I have been given a medication to help with this foggy feeling and me just nodding off in the morning at the table and not knowing over an hour had passed.  The medication is no miracle, but can drive safer.  No do not have get up and go with it.  It takes quite awhile to work.  Thank goodness I am retired RN.  Now am wondering if I have fear of deep sleep like PTSD knowing I am helpless at that state.  We have had many paranormal happenings in our homes even my children had them.  One of my granddaughter's is definitely sensitive. I think most in my direct family are sensitives.  One dauther is afraid and tries to block.  She also does not deep sleep.  One granddaughter has two imaginary friends that have the nicknames that only I knew of my Mom and Dad.  I pray at night for help.  So yes it is absolutely possible you have picked up on your taping seeing a medium.  I am now searching for information on empath would like to find one that has 100% on all.  Either universal or imp.  I came on to purchase a Book of Storms to help, but here in MA it is late, so I will try to get some sleep.  I aired to you, I thank you.  I know someone in this forum is wondering if their illness feelings are caused by entities.  I was trying to find this person.  I found you.  I apologize for talking so long, but I do thank you so mcuh.  I will be on this site again.  So I am older woman finding myself, literally, for I know and always did know I am here for something.  Sometimes I feel like I am not from here either, lol.  Stay well, healthy and happy and safe. And again an apology for talking so long.  Sometimes I just go on and on, so forgive me. This can be used as an introduction also.