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 Posted: Jun 1st, 2010 06:01 PM
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Keith Clark

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In the last 6 months I have moved 3 times, and as a result the stream project has been a llittle tumultous. Unfortunately the last move required the stream to be shutdown due to the cost of electricity. Yes, it turns out that running the stream alone costs about $60 just in electricity.

Moving to a new location is always trying, especially when working with radio, especially on the frequencies we're currently working with. I have all but disappeared the last 2 months as I have been enjoying a newly found relationship. It wasn't until yesterday that I had enough of my gear here at my girlfriend's house to bring the radio work back to a suitable state to listen to. But alas, I do not have the monetary means currently to run a stream......though I know it will be provided for when the time is right. So it can naturally be expected that for the better part of the remainder of this year the radio work may remain in private development.

Talk to "ya'll" soon!