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 Posted: Apr 29th, 2010 07:59 PM
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Hi Kieth, good to hear from ya!
I think we are all on the move these days! Glad to hear things are settling in for you, it usually takes a year to settle in, and I haven't even been in this apartment that long, and off I go again moving to a new rental home. That's life though!

Regarding that whole "mojo" thing, I just thought I'd ask around a bit about it after hearing these spirit attachments actually "called" something, it's something we as experimentors all think of simply as "attachments" or low level entities probably, but when David Icke started going on about it, and giving these specific details about how they act, and attack us, it just got me thinking about the possibility of a very specific, very well known entity that maybe until now has gone widely unrecognized.

For example, what they say is that these "mojo" spirits basically manifest as a "shadow", and I think we have all at one time or another all seen "shadow people", especially if you are an investigator of any type. But these "mojo's" apparently have a very specific behavior pattern that they can be recognized by, which is that they can be very often seen as a small thin shadow that clings to the top of a doorway, along the top ledge, creating an "artificial" shadow, that kinda "looks" natural, as they are trying to blend in with the background, not being noticed, but if you looked closely, you may see this artificial shadow manifesting in such a manner that it could never BE cast that way in those particular lighting conditions in the room, and occasionally, they mess up on their chameleon like behavior, and mistakenly block something out, which sometimes gives away their presence.

What they THEN do is wait for a vulnerable or unsuspecting person to walk through that doorway, and bam, they drop down into the head of the unsuspecting victim, through an open crown chakra especially, as its an open invitation to them apparently!

Apparently, this is the reason you see church windows and other arched windows in gothic deign, or in temples, as it takes the mojo's ability away to lurk there, as they simply "slide off" the top arched surface of the doorway, having nothing to grab onto or lay on when in wait for a would be victim.

As soon as I heard this, something resonated with me, I remembered trying dowsing rods in my house for the very 1st time, I built a set from copper and brass rods, and EVERY time I walked through a DOORWAY, the rods would CROSS! It repetitively did this, and I started wondering if it was just physhclogical, all in my mind, so I conducted an experiment by "mounting" the rods in a stable position on a cart with wheels, and you guessed it, when it rolled through the doorway, the rods DID indeed cross, with no human hand or touch to influence the position of the rods!

I mentioned this to many people who were experienced dowsers, and all they could tell me was that something must be "magnetically significant" about my doorways. When I heard about these mojo's, and thir doorway trick, it just kinda made me think about things, especially since what they are most known for is draining a person's energy, which I seem to have virtually none of these days!

Funny you picked up on the empath thing in me, I denied it for awhile, as I didn't want to look like a "flake" to others, as I'm my own worse skeptic, I wouldn't have even believed EVP's to be true if I hadn't heard them with my OWN ears! I still have a very healthy skepticism, and do NOT look to the paranormal as the first possible cause for an incident, and you are totally correct about the empath thing, I really HAVE come to a crossroads, as I've become SO sensitive to it now, that I'm EVEN moving out of the city, into the country just so I can be out of the "negativity bubble" of the city.

I can barely even go to the mall without being pummelled by everyone's energy, and feelings. All I can say is thank god I don't hear peopel's thoughts, that WOULD drive me totally insane!
THIS is bad enough, and to be honest, I feel it is like a curse, and it causes me more harm than good, no matter HOW hard I've tried to surpress it, or controll it, I just cannot, so it's gotten to the point where I have to limit my exposure to others, not a very good social condition is it? LOL.

I didn't even realize it at the time, but I can even feel the emotion, or energy, or whatever you want to call it from people like yourself whom I am communicating with via this forum even, it's hard to explain what one "feels", there just arent english words to describe it, other than "odd".

I think we are all linked together, and that's why this happens, you said it yourself:

""but while reading your post, I had a SENSE to agree with you""

You may not realize it Keith, but your sensing me, just as much as I'm sensing YOU, and over a forum on the internet! You yourself have empathic abilities and probably haven't even fully recognized it yet.

Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to explain a bit more about how these mojo spirits supposedly operate, maybe we just haven't up until now given this type of specific entity a proper name, maybe it IS a species all to it's own, different to the common "shadow person" that most people seem to be aware of, or have heard of, I dunno, but what I DO know, is IF it IS effecting me physically somehow, I'd like to find a way to make it stop!

I think ALL of us who experiment with ITC, EVP, and any other form of spirit communication always have this little voice in the back of their heads that thinks "I wonder if I've let anything through, or have ever given any of my energy to an entity without knowing it", be cause no matter WHAT we all belive either religiously or spiritually, absolutely NONE of us ever know for sure what or who we are "actually" communicating with, and sometimes it makes one wonder if we are "really" communicating with the party whom we "think" we are.

I have a feeling that there is at the very least,  a small percentage of contacts that are coming from something that "lies" to you, and tells you what you want to hear, to feed off of an emotional response you may have, think about it, who amongst us has not at least gotten very excited when we hear the voice of a spirit that is direclty addressing our specific questions!

Something to think about!

Thanks for the reply Kieth, take care!!

Chris ;)

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