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 Posted: Apr 26th, 2010 09:19 PM
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Thanks neokortex_simulacrum for your reply!

I used to post here very often for awhile, then like I said, the illness just wore me down too much, and I decided it was not a good idea to be attempting spirit contact while ill and weak, along with chronic illness comes the odd bout of depression, which is normal, and I'm smart enough to know you have to be both physically and mentally strong if your going to be safe doing EVP research.

I have no fear whatsoever, so there's nothing to confront, it's not a phsychological situation where I "think" mojo's are attacking me, so I blame it on them, I simply wonder since I've been very ill and on disability for over 6 years now, if there is possibly some outside source influencing me or not.

There are specific reasons for me thinking this, mainly, because of a house I used to own down on the seaside here in Nova Scotia, an old 150 year old fisherman's house that the previous owner ended up going out in the back yard and shooting & killing himself in the backyard due to depression. I found out all of this later AFTER I bought the house of course. I would meet people and they would say "oh, so YOUR the one that bought the old haunted house"!

I ended up having a terrible time in that house as well, with my now "ex" spouse turning violent and assaulting me, amongst other things, it almost seemed it wasn't even her sometimes. And often (especially since I've come to realize I'm an empath) I would just for no reason feel these feelings of depression, and dread, just out of the blue, for NO reason, and then it would just go away, just as fast as it came. Many people who visited me there had the same experience, so they validated that I wasn't going bonkers!

There was something there in that house, I know that now, and I was more than pleased to give it back to the bank after 3 years of hell living there!

It just seems that since I lived there, my health was never the same, and severe pain and weakness are my main symptoms.

After reading about these so called "mojo's" at David Icke's site, I started thinking about "spirit attachments", and wondered to myself if possibly that might be happening to me or not. I've had more than my share of negative entities come through, and use profanities, but found that ignoring them didn't give them power, and they went away.

I'm more than happy to take responsibility for my own health, and definitely have been doing so, I would just like to exclude the possibility of anything paranormal that may be effecting me, as phsycologically, I'm very sound, so it's not some conversion or somotaform disorder!

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate the effort to comfort me ;)
Chris ;)