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 Posted: Mar 16th, 2010 04:06 PM
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Mr Shadowman


I do have a capture that has a better story to explain it , much better than the quality of the sound of the capture. We have in our neighborhood a very abusive Husband / Father, he has been arrested many times by the local police for Wife battering. He is now the Father of a four year old son and I can only assume that the abuse will trickle down to the child. The only protection that his Wife had from him was her Mother who had a way to protect her Daughter and Grandson from the abusive Father. My Wife and I had become friends of a sort with this Grandmother, she passed away this late summer and a short while after when I was setting up for a session in my home I picked this up before I had a chance to do my opening introduction regarding the date and time etc. It is raspy, it has a cadence to it and I hear a "keep the baby from the father" it was captured in the static that the recorder generated when I was situating it's location. I feel that this came from the Grandmother who just passed over and was still watching over her Daughter and Grandson and was giving me a message.

I will add that it might be of help if you loop it and let the static speak.

And yes you might just hear sparrows from the outside chirping...this I feel was a source of background noise to help the speaker form their words.

Best Regards, Dan