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 Posted: Feb 10th, 2010 06:30 PM
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Mr Shadowman


Hello Keith,

            Thank you for your reply. You are absolutely correct, you had to be there to appreciate it !.  :smile:

 I am very aware how this situation regarding text sounds, and if I read someone else posting this I know what would be crossing my mind  , but I know what I saw on that display. If memory serves me correct I think there is a piece of ghost hunting equipment that is head mounted with with goggles and has a 500 word capacity / capable computer that can display in the goggles short phrases or written evp from spirits during investigation...I think it was shown on one of those ghost hunting shows awhile back. So I am assuming if we have an agressive enough spirit who wants to make communication, this is just another avenue of receiving from the other side.

Best Regards, Dan


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