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 Posted: Feb 10th, 2010 07:36 AM
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In my research to learn more about the basics I came across something called, "Stochastic resonance." It is a concept that I find interesting. From what I understand so far it talks about how adding an appropriate level of random noise to a signal can improve the signal to noise ratio. So, a weak signal like EVP that is below or near the threshold of detection can be made detectable by adding the "appropriate" level of noise.

Since EVP almost always utilitzes some form of noise (white, pink, 13 tones, etc.) perhaps this stochastic resonance concept can be helpful in understanding how information, like voice, is transduced from a nonphysical signal to to a physical world signal.

It suggests, perhaps, that we should be experimenting with various levels of noise to see if it improves our reception. It suggests that some forms of noise, voice frequencies, may be more appropriate than white or pink noise. It also points to the question, where should this noise be "injected" into our systems?

Here is a link to get started with more researching the idea:

Whatcha think?