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 Posted: Feb 9th, 2010 07:52 PM
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Mr Shadowman


Hello All,
Today I was conducting a combination of cemetery historical research and evp experiments at the same time. The goal of the historical part of the investigation was to photograph the head stones of the deceased being researched and forward that information to the requester. I was equipted with a Olympus ds-30 and a ds-40 digital recorder along with a Kodak Z1485IS digial camera. After finding five headstones and photographing them along with a very generic basic evp recording session at each stone I moved on to the last headstone to find. After finding and photographing I began to shut down the Olympus digital recorders. The ds-30 has 256mb and the ds-40 has 512mb of internal memory, both started with all available memory available and both had two new unused aaa batteries from the same pack installed at the beginning of the session..Both recorders were used at the same time and neither one had any more or less data than the other one recorded.Upon shutdown after the the power off is enabled a "slash screen " comes up as Olympus and then goes blank. Well upon shutdown the Olympus ds-30's display displayed " I SEE YOU " and then shutdown, after my shock wore off I turned the ds-30 back on and it said on the display memory full. I then went to the ds-40 which was still recording , I saved it and it shut down normally. I researched the capacity used on the ds-40 and it was less than 25 % used, how can the ds-30 with half the memory be full it they both recorded the same? and text messages on the display are not a normal function.
Upon reviewing the photographs taken all where perfect and uploaded to the computer. The photo's taken of the stone where the recorder displayed "I SEE YOU" never were captured in the camera!. I have gone over the evp recording and so far I have nothing.
Any suggestions or theories will be most appreciated.
Best Regards, Dan