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 Posted: Feb 1st, 2010 05:37 AM
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Keith Clark

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Had a dream last night that I went to a store to buy a shortwave tube radio. The guy told me about 3 he had, how one was noisier than the others. Thats when I told him "well then, thats the one I want!" lol So We turned it on (while it was still on the shelf) and I tuned it. Towards the right side of the band I began to hear what I was looking for. I then proceeded to explain to the salesman the entire story of the purpose of the radio.

I leave the radio on when I sleep at night. Many times, as I fade to sleep I begin to hear more clearly. One of these days I'll try to record the radio and compare it to the time that I am dreaming  I liken it to a blending of both worlds. If I am asleep and am dreaming of either hearing a voice or a radio result....the question is:

is the dreamer dreaming of a physical result and thereby creating it in physical form, or is the dreamer hearing a physical result and incorporating that into a dream?