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 Posted: Jan 29th, 2010 10:26 PM
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Keith Clark

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Hi Bruce,

I'm thinking lets go for it. How about this - I'll buy the parts and you assist with putting them together, and I'll work with them longterm, in addition we'll even bring them over for our own sittings. I'm thinking we'll do probably all of these, I'm not kidding! lol unless you get tired of me. 

(all 3 ideas. I'm thinking the variac with relay, a small tesla coil (because I just have to get one once!), and the variac neon sign spark plug.

I'll be anxious to get a stream up and running very soon here......then we can all monitor the status of our long term projects...

Where shall we start? send me a link for a variac you think suitable (would probably like to have 2 of them......) and the neon transformer. I saw one on ebay the other day also....... I think the smaller the sign transformer, the better, I don't know. I won't start with a metal box, I'll know as soon as we build it what effect it has.....and we'll play the rest by ear.....I think one variable that must be a constant is we need the ability to change it. If we build something that is not adjustable, it may end up a pretty paperweight.....running it long term is also another important variable (safely, even without being present) . You be my technical advisor, I'll be your test subject. Like I said, we WILL succeed.

Tell your friend I said thank you for his advice.

Hi Mike,

That's the catch - it wasn't just on one radio. It was on every radio, (longwaves) am, and shortwave within the range of this field. (perceptible up to 50Mhz, but not so much above and beyond that) The one I use is an Eton E10, I have also used an Eton E100, and an emerson weatherband am/fm radio. Simple regular radios, nothing particularly special about them, I don't think....