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 Posted: Jan 28th, 2010 06:51 PM
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Keith Clark

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Thanks Dave, appreciate it. That certainly looks a little more practical indeed. Why would it work? Just by design? I suspect it may have already been a culprit in your work before?? Thanks....:)

I hear you Bruce, there's a lot of sense in what you say. I am limited in my practical expertise of electricity though....and find myself challenged in even the simplest electrical application because I am trying to be safe.

Concerning the diagram above, I know a VAC would basically be an adjustable power supply, and I looked at the has 8 terminals, and one would have to have a basic understanding of which two to hook up......Bruce, would you have a handle on something like that? Looks easy enough, what I don't like doing is burdening other people on a constant basis to take the time to explain things in detail. Given that, most "tinkerers" don't want to.

You guys have been great, thanks.