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 Posted: Jan 27th, 2010 10:02 PM
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The 3phase power angle is worth knowing but the I am leaning toward it being a noisy pole, with something arcing.

Arcing can be thought of as a very short, very high intensity signal.  On an oscilloscope it can look like a very steep sided, spike, of very short duration.  In terms of harmonics such a spike shaped signal can generate strong harmonics, both odd and even.  Like a square wave, but with more time between jolts for the harmonics to interact., making more harmonics.

If it was a noisy, arcing power  pole the gave the right field of signals in California then arcing by itself may be the thing that is most important.  I may not need to be extremely high voltage, and a very low power arc may be more then enough energy when placed near the radio receiver.  Think about driving a spark plug to arc with a very small gap, 0.01 inches.  I don't think you need lots of power, it just adds heat and burns up electrodes.  I small gap may not have the overheating problems of a Tesla coil and be capable of running continuously.  Again, think spark plug.  They take the heat with a little cooling so may a big heat sink for your spark plug.

If it is just the rich harmonic field up beyond the radio receiver frequency that you need, just a gap/arc will do it.   And if the noisy pole was just barely able to arc it would do it 120 Hz, twice per cycle.

Having the receiver tuned to an upper harmonic of 60 Hz also makes sense.  There should be lots of high harmonics of 60 Hz in the gap/arc field, tuning the radio to a high harmonic allows information riding on that harmonic to be demodulated, as voice.  Maybe they can speak at a higher harmonic of the radio receiver frequency and harmonic coupling allows easier reception of their low power signal. 

Well,  sometimes brainstorming is just that.



Keith Clark wrote:
I have drawn it out to better understand it, and I have come up with the following conclusions:

1. Spirit was able to influence the radio closer to the power pole, but not at the point where it reached the house. Why? Is it 3 phase at the pole, and single at the house? What is special about the pole?
 I think it could be explained as intermitant arcing at or near the pole.
2. The big question - is it 3 phase power at the pole? If it were, then presumable spirit could have more to work with, they could use the difference between the 3 phases to produce energy to modulate. Is there a 3 phase stepdown transformer on the pole? Is this energy emanating from that transformer?
Worth investigating.  If it was just residential electicity without businesses/factories odds are probably against it, but worth finding out I think.

My gut feeling says this: since the tones of 60 & 120hz were always present at those frequencies & harmonics, and those actual tones were not shifting, yet modulation was still being produced, then it is likely that spirit was able to either affect the or use the difference between the cycles (120 degrees).
If it is an arc it would most likely be 120 Hz because 60 Hz has two voltage peaks, one you can thing of as positive and one negative and both peaks can arc to ground.

If it was simply electric noise, I would have found more devices to induce that noise by now.......they are always there, strength depends on the fields produced by the now it becomes very clear - WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT THIS POLE?
Electricity in a wire travels as a sine wave that is a smooth waveform with ony even harmonics and not a lot of power in the very high harmonics, like at the radio receiver frequency.  An arc, spike wave form has both odd and even harmonices with a lot more power in the high harmonics.

Therein lies the answer. And we will duplicate it.....

Yes Keith, I believe you will.Bruce