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 Posted: Jan 27th, 2010 08:12 PM
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Keith Clark

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I have drawn it out to better understand it, and I have come up with the following conclusions:

1. Spirit was able to influence the radio closer to the power pole, but not at the point where it reached the house. Why? Is it 3 phase at the pole, and single at the house? What is special about the pole?

2. The big question - is it 3 phase power at the pole? If it were, then presumable spirit could have more to work with, they could use the difference between the 3 phases to produce energy to modulate. Is there a 3 phase stepdown transformer on the pole? Is this energy emanating from that transformer?

My gut feeling says this: since the tones of 60 & 120hz were always present at those frequencies & harmonics, and those actual tones were not shifting, yet modulation was still being produced, then it is likely that spirit was able to either affect the or use the difference between the cycles (120 degrees).

If it was simply electric noise, I would have found more devices to induce that noise by now.......they are always there, strength depends on the fields produced by the now it becomes very clear - WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT THIS POLE?

Therein lies the answer. And we will duplicate it.....



pic attached (ignore the satellite dish & antenna in pic, those are not serving any function at all)

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