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 Posted: Jan 27th, 2010 06:44 PM
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Keith Clark

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Hello Gentlemen,

Thank you for your replies, and for the detail you gave Dave.:thumbup1:

Allow me to explain a little further - it becomes clear that my angle is one of "feeling" and "knowing" that drives me to pursue this topic. I feel strongly that all I need to do is provide:

electrical disturbance with strengths at certain frequencies, ie 60 or 120hz and their harmonics
a point through which this is resonated at a higher frequency (for example, second resonant coil)

and then spirit will provide the rest. After a bit I am likely to hear them, and then our work will follow its natural course.  

I need to better understand why electricity flows from one tesla coil to another resonant coil, this is directly related to the idea behind this work. I'm trying to figure out a setup that can be run for extended periods of time, safely, by a novice

Ok, to rehash this from a different angle. What about sending sound through the tesla coil through the air into a second resonant coil, and then into a computer? Still as difficult/can't be run long term?

The clips you asked for are here, please be patient on the long one (3/4 of the way through you will see why it is a long clip)

You will always find the frequencies of 60hz, 120hz, and all of their harmonics as the base carrier for these attempts. They may appear weaker due to live filtering. Focus is on frequencies 0 to 3khz.

I will pursue this idea until it becomes reality, just trying to approach it intelligently.

Thank you for your help, I can assure you it is appreciated, and I will put it to good use.