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 Posted: Jan 27th, 2010 08:11 AM
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EVPDave wrote:
Like I mentioned before, I do not know exactly what creates the noise on the power poles.

Dave & Keith,

So many successful EVP, Spiricom and other voice communications approaches utilize some form of noise that perhaps there are some forms of noise that are better than others for such communication. There are probably other important factors too that lead to success, but perhaps it would be useful to analyze and compare different samples of noise to see if there are differences that be correlated to success.  Different frequencies, frequency distributions, or ?

For example it looks like there may have been something about noise at the California house that works better than the noise in other locations.  Keith, do you have any recorded samples of unfiltered noise from the California house?  Maybe we could analyze and compare these sample against samples from your present, or other less successful locations?

Since you know there were differences in success between day and night, high temperatures and low, high humidity and low, it could be extremely useful to analyze and compare, unfiltered (or filtered if that is all that you have) noise samples recorded during those conditions.  Maybe that kind of analysis would give some clues about the frequency content or distribution of the noise in those different conditions.  There may be different harmonics, or different strengths of various harmonics, or some other factors.  If we could discover these differences then it might be relatively straight forward to design circuitry to generate a more "proper" noise that duplicates the California house conditions.

Whatcha think Dave & Keith?