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 Posted: Jan 26th, 2010 09:05 PM
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Keith Clark wrote: Hi Dave,

I know it doesn't sound very feasible, but I found the clip you showed to me to be very demonstrative of exactly what I am trying to accomplish. If I can duplicate that, then at least I have a basis to start from. (remember, this comes from 4 years of personal experience) Would you be so kind as to describe the setup in detail?



I did have a side question for mentioned that a Tesla coil will get very hot.....are you able to define for me the difference between the noise generated by a power pole vs a Tesla coil and why it doesn't create the same amount of heat?.....


Hi Keith,

Which clip are you referring to, the video with the carbon arc and AM radio? If so I used a wall wart power supply, it was 30 volts DC @ 750ma. The series circuit connection to the carbon is made with a tungsten welding rod. It was the only inexpensive material I could find that would not melt. I had to draw the arc by hand. The rod heats up very quickly, I had to end the video because of the heat. The radio was tuned out of band and I used the audio right from the video recorder to analyze for voices.

If you were talking about the Tesla coil clip it was very simple. The coil was placed in operation in the basement, maybe 40 feet from my computer. I set up the computer to record and the input was an AM radio directly connected to the computer. The frequency was set to 1610 khz and I recorded just over one minute. I filtered the recording in Sound Soap as I had described.

Like I mentioned before, I do not know exactly what creates the noise on the power poles. It could be arcing inside the transformers. These transformers are designed to dissipate heat, I believe some are even filled with a special oil for this purpose. The inductors on a Tesla coil do not get hot. The contacts where the arc takes place get very warm. The small coil I have was only designed to be a science demo, not for continuous use. I can run it for about 15 minutes. Also keep in mind a Tesla coil generates a good amount of ozone from the output streamers, not good in a confined space with little ventilation.

Good questions,