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 Posted: Jan 25th, 2010 12:08 PM
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Just read the material at and was particularly interested in the graph that showed the 60 Hz sine wave with noise on, and near, the positive and negative peaks.  The graph below the sine wave shows just the noise and shows how there can be breaks in the noise between peaks.  Makes me wonder if the sum of noise from 3-phase power would be more continuous, possible even overlapping?  I also was interested to read about how temperature can effect noise generation.  And I think about the difference between daytime, 3-phase power usage compared to night time usage.  Thousands of 3-phase power using devices could generate layer upon layer of powerline noise.  All this thinking is in regard to questions about what made to California house system works so well.  Why it worked better during certain times of the day and during certain temperature and or humidity conditions.  All with an eye toward what it would take to replicate those conditions.