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 Posted: Jan 24th, 2010 02:30 PM
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My theory about spirit communication is based on observations about other paranormal methods of spirit communication. Several different methods are effected by natural random variations.

Three phase power is generally used by large machines with three phase motors. These motors cause transients when switched on/off.

Radio is effected by atmospheric radio noise. Power line radiation might be compared to radio noise because random transients on power lines appear as random noise riding on the 60 hertz carrier. Nearby electronic devices like receivers can have the audio frequency noise induced in them at any radio frequency they may be tuned.

AM receivers have internal detectors that allow electrical noise be heard on the speaker. In the case of radios near power lines, the power line noise is heard. I believe that an audio amp and speaker coupled to a noisy power line would reveal the same noise.

Since I believe the voices are created by the random variations in the transients, they will be heard on a variety of electronic devices with speaker circuits. Also, any true random source should contain the intelligence to form communication. A text generator with a true random input should produce intelligent text communication.