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 Posted: Jan 23rd, 2010 11:28 AM
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Thanks.  I am happy to be a part of such a group.  Maybe putting our technical heads together can benefit the work we are all doing to further the development of working, real-time communication devices.

One of the "technical issues" I would like to hear opinions and ideas about is better understanding of the actual mechanism that allows communication (voice or other sounds) to transfer, or be transduced from nonphysical to physical reality.    It is my feeling that perhaps none of us has whatever "the Truth" is.  But if each of us has ideas or opinions based upon our experience the things that are common threads between us are probably closer to that truth than any one of us.

So, maybe all of us have an understanding of a piece or pieces of whatever this truth is.  if we all share with each other our experienced-based ideas and opinions, whatever that truth is, it has to be able to explain all of our individual pieces in an understanding large enough to encompass them all.  Maybe that larger picture will be able to help us understand how the information is transduced from nonphysical to physical reality.  With that understanding it would be much easier to come up with hardware or software that has a better shot at successful, real-time communication between realities.  Here is an example of an odd, experienced-based event that may be a piece of the larger picture.  

Some years ago I was working on development of a prototype in Virginia with a friend.  The device required that it be in absolute darkness because of its design.  This particular prototype was designed to detect changes in the test subjects' energy field which we called, the aura. With the test subjects' hand on the device they would be instructed to make their aura and bigger and brighter. The signal from the prototype was converted to a DC voltage. When the test subjects' aura became brighter this voltage increased. (Conversely, when the test subjects aura became dimmer this voltage would decrease.) The DC voltage was fed to a voltage controlled oscillator. As the voltage increased the oscillator frequency increased, the pitch of the tone got higher and vise versa.

A test subject would be brought into the darkroom and seated with one hand resting on the device.  As I left that room I would close the door and go to our control room.  After sitting down at the controls I would switch on the intercom microphone and tell the test subject to just relax and not change their aura because I had to make some adjustments to the equipment. After making the adjustments I would switch on the intercom microphone again and tell the test subject to go ahead and attempt to increase or decrease the brightness of their aura. The test subject and I could monitor their success by listening to the change a frequency of the tone coming from the device.

Every once in a while as a test I would play a trick on one of the test subjects. After getting him/her situated in the darkroom I would close the door and quickly make the adjustments to the equipment. Then I would switch on the intercom microphone and tell the test subject to just sit relaxed and not attempt to change their aura while I made the adjustments.  I would then close my eyes and imagine that I extended my hand through the cement block wall into the darkroom. I would then move my imaginary hand into the same location as the test subjects' physical hand where it was resting on the device. I would then intend to make my aura get bigger and brighter. The device would respond with the usual increasing frequency tone. One of the test subjects, Rita, would immediately switch on her intercom microphone and read me the riot act about tricking her again. The results of this sort of testing indicate that the device could be influenced at a distance without physical contact.  I could say that the device was capable of transducing the state of brightness of my aura through contact with the physical hand of the test subject.

Whatever mechanism it is that allows nonphysical information to be transduced into a physical world electrical signal the results of this little experiment must be explainable by then mechanism. I would sure like to hear about some of your pieces of the bigger picture.