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 Posted: Jan 23rd, 2010 11:00 AM
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Keith Clark

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I request your opinions on this matter. Particularly, those of you familiar with radio and electricity.

Here's the deal - when I lived in California spirit was working with my radio consistently. The kind of contact and nature of spirit's ability to influence the radio was specific to that environment.....that's right! that means that while I do play a factor of unknown proportions there were variables in that environment that spirit was able to put to use to work with to form voice.

I am determined to better understand those variable and replicate them here, in Florida. I am confident that after that, it can be replicated (whether in the same form or not) for many others.

Bruce is now familiar with my story, as we have met recently. In fact, we'll be living within quite close proximity as of next week. Some of your ideas will be put to use, within monetary constrictions.

The story

In November of 2005 I began my work with spirit. it was only a few weeks after I began that I was pulled to radio, as I was sure that I heard something in the radio. Over a period of time, and much fiddling, we finally settled on shortwave radio at 25.5Mhz. Over the next few years spirit worked diligently with this, and they continue their work, but I think we can help them.

Spirit was speaking loud and stong but without enunciation and understanding of pitch, tone, etc. It was unusable, but a very large step forward. They did this for 3 years straight.

The radio was placed in a shed in the back yard, approximately 10 feet from a power pole, with the line swooping down from the pole to the house. Spirit was only able to produce this particular influence on the radio within 20 feet of this force, as measured by taking the radio to different places, different states, anywhere but this physical location. Unfortunately, what I was not able to do was put the radio near another power pole in another physical location for an extended time.

Nonetheless, it was defined to this specific area.

Specifics: Why 25.5Mhz? Well, as I found out later, that frequency is a multiple of 60hz. I was able to hear the influence of spirit all up and down the scale, from 30Mhz down to 1.5Mhz - sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker. 25.5Mhz was one of the harmonics at which  I could hear it clearest, because of the lack of other radio stations and interference at that point. "It" being the presence of the harmonics of 60 and 120hz (from the electricity) clearly audible across the entire radio spectrum, upwards of 30Mhz.

This signal got much louder on clear and hot days, sometimes to the point of being way overbearing, simply blowing out any attempt by spirit to speak over it. It would be loudest at about 1:30-2pm (midday), and would be gone by dusk.

My experience with this has taught me that the interference was already existent on the radio due to environmental conditions, and that spirit used that to their advantage in an attempt to produce voice. I know that we can duplicate this again, and use it on a larger scale.

If you have not heard clips of these radio samples, please download the following:

You can also go to Youtube and search for user itcbridge.

So, given the following observations

1. Voice was appearing on the entire radio spectrum simultaneously, not on a particular frequency. I repeat, NOT on a given frequency.
2. The temperature/weather affected this field of intereference and it was only present in the daytime.
3. It has only been duplicated at this physical location, even with the radio running on battery, and with no electrical circuits or power (save the power pole) within 35 feet.
4. They spoke consistently, loud and strong, and voice characteristics could be heard such as cadence, but intonation and pitch was not overcome or expressed successfully.
5. This happened consistently for 3 years, and only in this physical location. (15-20 feet of power pole) I have continued my radio work since, and this field/signal is not present.

I have the following questions for you

1. What is your theory on how spirit was able to speak using this method?
2. What would you consider for replication of this field induced by electricity?
3. Why do you think the weather and temperature played a role?

My intent is to use a device to replicate such a strong adjustable field and to experiment with it long term. I've considered tesla coils, but am open to any suggestions. I can tell you, electricity will be involved.

Again, I have asked this for my own personal interest, yes. But at the same time, I know it can be developed for popular use. I know it is tied to physical circumstances, and that it can be replicated. The question is how.

We will succeed.

Your input is welcomed.