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 Posted: Jan 13th, 2010 09:08 PM
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Mr Shadowman


Hello Richard,
Your method of reply is more than adequate :-) .

Some day we will all know the answer to the question if there is or is not a part two to it all.

Not enough energy, I have to agree with you on that....Imagine us trying to mentally blow out a candle, that is what I compare the effort needed for them to communicate for longer periods to us.

I still go by the belief that we were all born with some type of mediumistic skills like it or not. Most lose their abilities from lack of use / use it or lose it !

I agree personal is personal, a database would be a great asset, but the who, when and how of putting it together....that's a long time coming. any volunteers ?

Yes you can capture them anywhere, and I again go back to their need for a source of energy, a place of active life, for the most part I will go with it, but then you have the loners or homebodies also, who I feel seek out the security of what was before they passed over.

I have heard that also, sudden or violent deaths leaves them in a repeat mode of the incident that come across to them as a confusing bad dream that they cannot wake from until "something" is able to jar them. That's a disturbing thought.

Best Regards, Dan

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