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 Posted: Jan 13th, 2010 07:50 PM
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Wow Dan, you couldn't come up with something a little more difficult? Do you want this in thesis form or, will a list do? lol
#1 It would be great to have a small part, in proving an existence of the after life. I don't know if evp will ever accomplish this, but until we have something better, I'll keep on plugging along. But, even if we never prove life after death, there's still great satisfaction in helping a grieving family get some peace of mind. That is a goal that is obtainable.
#2 Sadly, I'll probably continue paying for everything I use. It would be wonderful to have sponsors, but I don't see that in the immediate future.
#3 I don't seem to have much trouble coaxing responses, and I think it may be because I record so frequently. I may be wrong, but I can't remember recording, and failing to capture something in a long time.
#4 The reason is likely that the spirit can't easily have enough energy to say more. I've heard of research using static electricity to give spirit more energy, but don't know if it works. It's also theorized that metaphysical energy is what supplies the needed energy to speak or manifest in some way. If this is true, having more sensitives or psychics should help, and I think that this is true.
#5 Well,I guess that I'm both. The bed sheet is a little stretch, but there is a difference. EVP's can be recorded anywhere and anytime. I really don't consider myself a ghost hunter, but a paranormal investigator. A ghost hunter is in it for the thrill, and not the investigation.
#6 Only personal messages should be kept private, and everything else shared. It would be very difficult to enforce protocols, if not impossible. A database of all evp evidence and knowledge would be great, but getting protocols set and maintained would be tough.
#6b I believe that any of these locations could be active, but the most active would be a place that's active in life. I want to try recording at a football game, or a race. Yeah, I might be crazy!
#6c Probably their home, it's likely where they were the happiest and most comfortable.
#6d I'm sure if they could choose, it would be a happier time, but they may not have a choice. I've heard that someone who dies suddenly, is stuck with that moment in history as a memory.